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Cookie Policy

A “cookie” is a small file sent by a website to a visitor’s web browser and stored on their device (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet, etc). This file contains information such as the visitor’s domain name, their internet service provider, operating system and login time. Cookies pose no security risk to the visitor’s computer whatsoever.

Sabemaf S.A. uses cookies on its website; they help improve your navigating experience on our website.
These cookies do not contain any personally identifying information nor do they collect any information which might be used for marketing or targeting purposes. We use cookies to ensure the website runs smoothly, to make navigation simpler for visitors and to analyse visitor traffic.
If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you agree with our policy.


Operational cookies

SabemafSabemaf S.A. uses a web hosting company for its website. This site is hosted in Paris, France. These cookies are used by our web hosting company in order to remember what part of the server website tasks are executed on.




Sabemaf S.A. uses WordPress. These cookies help to optimise the appearance of the website interface for individual users.





Traffic analysis cookies

Sabemaf S.A. uses Google Analytics to analyse visitor traffic to its website.
These cookies collect information on how visitors use our website, including the site from which they were referred to our website, and the total number of times a visitor has visited our website. Cookies do not identify you personally, they simply collect anonymous data which is transmitted and stored by Google on its servers in the US, in accordance with its data protection policy and practice. To find out more about Google Analytics’ data safeguarding policy, please consult:

__utma : valid 2 years

__utmb : valid 30 minutes

__utmc : valid to end of browser session

__utmz : valid 6 months

__utmv : valid 2 years

_ga : valid 2 years

_gat : valid 1 year


Managing cookies in your web browser

LeVisitors can configure their web browsers to accept or reject cookies, either on a blanket or site-by-site basis.
To help manage your cookies and browser settings, the default browser settings will be shown in your browser’s help menu. For more information on the most commonly-used browsers:
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