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Our projects service : creativity and professionalism

Creative and enthused by our profession, we prepare each project with the aim of meeting your different expectations, whether they are operational, technical or financial.

Any study and any project development use the necessary resources and skills from the company, from the project manager, «product» specialists, and the design office through to the technical department. In case of need we can also always count on the assistance of our suppliers.

Trained in the latest technological developments, each team member thus contributes to the successful completion of the tasks that are entrusted to us.

Our after sales service: reactivity and efficiency

Our after sales service covers all the equipment sold by our company. It includes maintenance and the different service levels expected, the supply of spare parts and the repair of appliances on-site or in our workshop.

Whatever its nature, the services offered by Sabemaf s.a. are developed to allow you to focus on your core profession and let you gain time and resources.
Our know-how and our real desire to keep our commitments are the basis for this level of performance.

Personalised reception

A team of multi-lingual dispatchers handles incoming calls, which they divide by geographic sector. Reception is personalised and one click gives each operator all the information about your fleet of equipment: type, model, status, location, age, current maintenance requests, maintenance work history, etc.

Each dispatcher is responsible for a received request, from its registration to the closure of the technician’s work form.

Qualified technicians

Our technicians throughout the whole of Belgium are your preferred contacts to resolve your technical problems, advise you or update existing equipment. They are experienced and benefit from regular training organised by the manufacturers of equipment distributed by our company.

Modern communication resources

Geolocalized in each place within the country using a satellite beacon, the installation, maintenance or response technicians are equipped with a PDA on which work orders are communicated.

At the end of the job, the tasks completed, the parts used and the time worked are entered on the digital work form which is sent to you by email immediately after synchronisation of the PDA with our central system.

Replacement equipment

Depending on your needs and the availability of an equivalent appliance, our after sales service can propose alternative equipment allowing you to continue your activity during the repair time or the delivery of a new appliance to order.

Use of original parts

Genuine  spare parts guarantee your investments. Before being placed in stock our parts are 100% inspected to ensure their conformity and then receive a bar code label that constitutes their identification form.

All our suppliers agree to guarantee the availability of spare parts for a minimum period of 20 years.

Maintenance contracts

Planned  preventive maintenance contracts are the best solution to guarantee sustainable operation of your equipment, to maintain its performance level and reach maximum availability figures.

These contracts are based on manufacturers’ specifications, programmes whose execution considerably reduces the risk of failures and contributes to extend the equipment’s lifetime.

For their part curative type contracts considerably reduce the cost of work whilst providing you with continuous technical monitoring.

Contact us for more information or for a contract proposal.

Professional support for professionals

A graduate of one of the most prestigious Belgian hotel schools and trained by our manufacturer partners, our head demonstrator provides equipment commissioning and training for user personnel.

As well as mastery of the different functions of each appliance he shares his passion for gastronomy and enthusiastically lavishes his advice.

Subsequent training can be organised at your request and to respond to specific needs.

Training and support for technical departments

Many institutions have their own technical department capable of performing first level maintenance tasks and work.

For them we organise practical training aiming to allow the most accurate possible diagnoses, cure basic failures, identify defective parts and the make best possible communication with our staff.

Subsequent training can be organised at your request and to respond to specific needs.