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Our mission

For our customers throughout Belgium, our mission is to develop and implement solutions allowing them to optimise their activities by offering them an innovative, sustainable range of products and services in meal preparation and distribution, dishwashing, and organic waste transport and storage.

Our vision

We want to make Sabemaf s.a. a really sustainable and responsible business. We pay particular attention to our social role and to the protection of the environment and we are continually seeking partners sharing these values and wishing to produce sustainable low energy consumption solutions.

Sabemaf Office
Our values

Our values and philosophy reflect the socially and environmentally responsible company that we try hard to be. These principles are at the heart of every one of our decisions.

At Sabemaf s.a. we consider ourselves to be responsible for everything that we undertake with the objective of meriting the trust placed in us every day.

Independence, honesty, sincerity, integrity, professionalism and responsibility are the key words that guide our approach.

Sabemaf history

The company was founded in Brussels in 1925 on the initiative of confectionery business owners. Specialising in accessories and small appliances for this activity sector, it quickly directed its development to the sale of electric ovens, which it promoted for many years.

It was only some years later that it extended its activities to the whole country through the manufacture and sale of coffee machines, the famous Samovar. At this time tearooms, cafés, restaurants and hotels made up the greater part of its customer base.

The 50’s and the massive demand for the production of coffee for workers and employees in large industries and organisations would permit the company to discover the canteen and large-scale catering worlds in which it very quickly rooted itself.

It was also during the immediate post-war period that particularly close links were confirmed with certain German manufacturers, including the Meiko GmbH company, a factory that Monsieur Gaston Luyckx helped to revive from its ashes by supplying the stainless steel coils needed for the manufacture of dishwashers.

The growth in collective catering within businesses and both public and private institutions gave the company managers the possibility of considerably enlarging the sales programme with meal preparation and dishwashing equipment.

In  the 70’s, when the real self-service meal distribution and fast food concepts were born, Sabemaf toke part in the birth and development of the Belgian Quick chain with which collaboration would continue for several decades.

During the 90’s and the 2000’s the company refined its profile as a partner for large-scale institutions and experienced its greatest structural modifications. It was effectively during this period that the Sabemaf Luxembourg s.a. subsidiary was created, that s.p.r.l. Cuisines Sechehaye company was been taken over by Sabemaf s.a.  and that both companies moved in 2008 to their actual location in the industrial area of Wavre Nord site.

Currently still an independent family business, with the strengths of its history, its team and its partners, Sabemaf s.a. is resolutely a dynamic, flexible, proactive and innovative business for our time.

The family shareholders are more than ever associated with the life of the company. Active in the board of directors they are always present at the Annual General Meeting and events organised for or by the company’s employees. They want to consolidate the business and give it the means to invest, they actively support the strategy pursued by the general management a moderate dividend distribution policy.

Some key dates:

    • 1925 Set up by Alfred Debolster
    • 1952 Management of the business taken over by Gaston Luyckx, son-in-law of Alfred Debolster
    • 1970 The company moves to Chaussée de Louvain in Schaerbeek (Brussels)
    • 1975 Management of the business taken over by Roger Luyckx
    • 1996 Sabemaf Luxembourg s.a. set up in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
    • 2001 Management of the business taken over by Vincent Luyckx
    • 2003 Purchase of the Cuisines Sechehaye s.p.r.l. business located at Suarlée in the province of Namur
    • 2008 Sabemaf s.a. and Cuisines Sechehaye s.p.r.l. move to Wavre Nord site
    • 2009 Merger by absorption of Cuisines Sechehaye s.p.r.l., the company name becomes Sabemaf Sechehaye s.a.
    • 2012 Sale of the last shares in Sabemaf Luxembourg s.a. whose name becomes Nalis s.a.
    • 2015 The Sabemaf Sechehaye s.a. name is replaced by the company’s original name Sabemaf s.a.
    • 2017 Purchase of a site of 50 acres in the Wavre North Industrial zone and start of the construction of our future new head office
    • 2018 In June 2018 move to our new building consisting of + – 1000 m² of office space and + – 1300 m² warehouse and workshop
Our Choices

A limited sales programme for complete mastery.

At Sabemaf s.a. you will not find a catalogue with multiple brands that always allows you to find equipment that is cheaper than the one that really meets your needs.

Choosing to limit our range is based on the objective of satisfying you in both short and long term. Knowing all the functions of equipment from different brands is as impossible for a sales advisor as mastering all the subtleties is for a technician, however good they are…

More and more complex equipment for large kitchens necessitates monitoring by personnel qualified and trained by the manufacturers. This is only really possible by concentrating on a limited number of programmes.

In any case, and perfectly matching our vision and our values, this choice is the one made by the managers of Sabemaf s.a..

Our main partners

Whether located in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands or the Scandinavian countries, we seek them where they are to be found and deal without intermediaries, in a spirit of close collaboration that leads to shared success.


Ideally located in the heart of Europe, in the Germany – Switzerland – France triangle, Offenburg is the headquarters of the MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG company.

Founded in 1927 by the engineer Oskar Meier, the small artisanal business has transformed itself into a worldwide company currently counting numerous subsidiaries in Europe and the rest of the world (United States, China, India and Australia).

MEIKO, its subsidiaries and partners such as Sabemaf s.a. thus supply the whole world with dishwashing technology in all activity sectors, whether hospitals and care homes, collective catering, private catering and hotels, inflight-Catering in airports, the rail field and even maritime.

In addition to the dishwasher activity, MEIKO has also specialised over the last few years in solutions for organic waste transport, reduction and storage. Perfectly integrated into organisations for removing and sorting crockery this equipment allows compliance with the strictest hygiene standards and substantial savings.

The programme comprises:

  • Front or hood type glass-washers, dishwashers and utensil-washers
  • Rack type dishwashing machines
  • Flight type dishwashing machines Trolley washers
  • Horizontal and vertical tray conveying systems
  • Food waste systems

Asexclusive partner for Belgium for over 70 years, Sabemaf provides promotion, distribution and technical support for equipment of the brand.

The MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG «bed pan washer» programme is represented in Belgium by the Meiko BPS company whose address is:
Meiko B.V.B.A. Industriepark-West 75, B-9100 Sint-Niklaas — T.: + 32 (0) 78 150 279 — F: + 32 (0) 78 150 281 — E:

Contact us for any additional information.

Rational Production Logo

With an extensive background in the industry, Ivan and Diego Cattaneo established RATIONAL PRODUCTION in 1998, driven by the vision of providing groundbreaking solutions in the realm of hospital meal distribution. Although initial triumphs were witnessed in the Italian domestic market, the brand’s equipment marked its foray into the Belgian market in 2001, swiftly garnering undeniable success.

As 2023 unfolds, Rational Production proudly commemorates 25 years of unwavering advancement, evident in both the expansion of its product range and its growing share of the international market. This remarkable journey has been characterized by an unwavering dedication to research and development, a commitment to uncompromising quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Today, RATIONAL PRODUCTION stands as a pivotal player in the landscape of mass catering logistics, particularly within the realms of health and education. At the heart of our success lies the cutting-edge ALUFRAME equipment assembly system, inspired by techniques employed in the aeronautical sector. This revolutionary system seamlessly integrates aluminum profiles and clamping screws, enabling the creation of the market’s lightest trolleys. Central to this innovation is our concern for ergonomics and the well-being of distribution staff, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations.

The programme includes:

  • Forced and directed air convection system for tray dispensing with decoupled technology using an insulated neutral shuttle and a docking station including refrigeration and heating technology
  • Forced and directed air convection system for distribution on trays with on-board technology including refrigeration and heating technology
  • Forced and directed air convection system system with on-board technology for mobile buffet-style multi-portion meal distribution
  • Neutral shuttles for distribution on trays or in bulk
  • Static holding module for dispensing meals in individual portions

As exclusive partner for Belgium, our company promotes, distributes and provides technical support for the brand’s equipment.
Contact us for further information.

Rational Production Produits

The successful history of MKN started in 1946 in Wolfenbüttel in Lower Saxony. With only three employees Kurt Neubauer founds the MKN machines factory whose activity consists of the design and manufacture of agricultural machines.

As needs and markets develop, MKN quickly redirects its activities to specialise in professional cooking technology.

The quality equipment produced by MKN immediately becomes synonymous with performance and quality, so much so that they are now considered as the European reference in their categories.

Up to now, MKN has remained in the hands of the founding family and has also remained faithful to the town of Wolfenbüttel where 450 employees work every day on producing absolutely first class equipment.

The programme comprises:

  • Complete modular ranges of gas and electric appliances in 600, 700 or 850 mm depth
  • Tailor made cooking units
  • Multi-function cooking appliances
  • Combisteamers

As the exclusive partner for Belgium for over 30 years, Sabemaf provides promotion, distribution and technical support for equipment of the brand.

Contact us for any additional information.


Created in 1978, Groku Kampen B.V. is a developer and manufacturer of tailor-made meal distribution counters and equipment.

With equally complete mastery of work in stainless steel as in wood, stone or glass, Groku‘s organisation and resources allowing the production of all types of counters from the most sober to the most complex.

As exclusive partner for Belgium, Sabemaf s.a. provides promotion, distribution and technical support for equipment from the brand.

Contact us for any additional information.


Specialised in the automation of repetitive tasks, our partner BRIMATO Catering Automation Technology GmbH offers a wide range of technical applications, specially adapted to the dish washing systems we accomplish. In addition to reducing or even eliminating monotonous and repetitive tasks, the application of automated solutions can increase the productivity and the profitability, but also the observing of the hygiene conditions in which these tasks take place.

The solutions we propose, concern:

  • Cutlery sorting and counting packaging systems
  • Cutlery packaging systems
  • Automation upstream and downstream of dishwashing lines.
  • Automatic conveyor systems for trolleys, trays, porcelain and crates.

The principle of our company is based on research and development of solutions, so do not hesitate to consult us and to submit us any specific problematic.

Contact us for any additional information.

Nordisk Logo

Since its creation in 1987, the Granuldisk brand and company have been associated with the best in the world of pot washing and granule technology.

The patented technology has enabled faster cleaning of pots and pans with less resources like labour, water, detergent and energy for kitchens around the world.

Renamed Nordisk Clean Solutions in 2023, the company has chosen to refer to Granuldisk’s long history and Nordic heritage and values such as innovation, sustainability, a healthy environment and quality.

The partnership between Granuldisk and Sabemaf began in the 1990s and has continued throughout the 3 decades of fruitful collaboration.

Contact us for any additional information.